Murder Charges Require Experienced And Aggressive Defense

Criminal charges related to the death of another individual are among the most serious that anyone can face in Maryland. If you or a loved one is facing charges related to homicide, murder or manslaughter, it is very important to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney for advice and representation as soon as possible.

Since 1978, the Law Office of James E. Farmer, LLC, has defended the rights of individuals who are facing the harshest criminal penalties. Our criminal defense attorneys are thorough and meticulous in their approach, often uncovering evidence and identifying discrepancies or inconsistencies that they use to our clients’ advantage.

Respected among prosecutors and judges at the state and federal level, our skilled negotiators have earned a reputation for their professionalism and strong commitment to ensuring that the rights of each and every individual are respected and protected.

Experienced Defense Attorneys Who Get Results

If you are being questioned about or have been charged with murder or charges related to another violent crime, you need to understand and exercise your rights. Law enforcement officials and prosecutors often use tactics that are meant to confuse a suspect, which may result in you doing or saying something that can be used to build a case against you.

We will guide you through the criminal justice system and devise a defense strategy with the goal of achieving the best possible outcome.

We represent people throughout Maryland who are facing criminal charges, including:

  • First-degree murder — Premeditated and intentional act
  • Second-degree murder — Intentional, but not premeditated
  • Homicide by motor vehicle — Death resulting from DUI or drugged driving
  • Voluntary manslaughter — Not premeditated, in the heat of the moment
  • Attempted murder — Took steps to carryout murder, but was unsuccessful

Protect Your Freedom And Future — Contact A Lawyer Today

A murder conviction in Maryland could mean life behind bars and thousands of dollars in penalties and fines. If you or someone you love is facing these serious charges, do not wait, contact an attorney at our firm today.

Call our Waldorf law office at 301-965-0630, or contact us online to discuss your case and to learn more about how we can help you overcome the criminal charges you face.

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