Empowering You To Fight Drug Possession Charges

Even though some recreational drugs are being decriminalized, here in Maryland, drug possession charges continue to result in harsh consequences.

If you face possession charges for marijuana, cocaine, painkillers or any other illegal or controlled drugs, you could face fines, probation and even jail or prison time.

Based in Waldorf, Maryland, our law office has fought for the rights of those facing drug charges for decades. Our criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience handling drug cases — and we have a long history of fighting to win.

Avoid Jail, Keep Your Record Clean, Fight For Your Rights

All drug possession charges are serious, but they vary in severity depending on the type and amount of drug found, whether your case is being brought by the state or federal government, and your criminal history. Maryland’s penalties for drug crimes increase with each offense.

When we take on drug cases, we work vigorously to drill holes in the prosecution’s case. Did the police violate your rights during the investigation? Did they have probable cause to stop and search you? Were the drugs really in someone else’s possession?

“I want to thank you, Mr. Farmer, for saving my life. You were able to have my case dropped by arguing that I was illegally stopped. Instead of being locked up for a long, long time, I am a free man.” — Marcus

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As your legal representation, we will aim to devise an aggressive defense strategy to protect your rights, keep you out of jail and keep your record clean if possible.

Whether you face a low-level marijuana possession charge or a more severe charge, our goal is always to have the charges dismissed or reduced when this is feasible. If it is not possible to have your case dropped or obtain a reduction in charges, we will advise you on your best options — whether that involves negotiating a favorable plea deal or fighting for a not guilty verdict.

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If you have been charged with drug possession, do not speak with law enforcement until you have talked to a lawyer. Your future hinges on ensuring that your rights are respected at every stage of your case.

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